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scottcyclops's Journal

Scott Summers
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Name: Scott Summers
Nicknames: One-Eye, Slim
Codename: Cyclops
Age: 27

Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Brown (unseen by others)
Hair: Brown
Build: Scott, as leader of the X-Men, leads frequent Danger Room sessions. He is muscled but overly so.
Defining Marks (scars, tattoos, etc): Scott has a tiny birthmark below his beltline that Jean called “cute”. Only she and Warren know about it.

Dress Style: While most comfortable in his uniform, Scott tends to gravitate towards the preppy. Dressy shirts, polos, sweaters are generally what he wears while teaching. Early on Scott favored black and gray, due to his colorblindness. When he came clean with fellow teammates Jean and Warr, though, his wardrobe expanded enormously after what came to be known as “Dress Up Scott Day”.

Power(s): Scott can shoot beams of pure force out of his eyes, which are actually apertures to another universe, where the beams orginate. Because of a head injury as a child, Scott cannot control the beams, and has to wear special ruby-quartz glasses to hold them back. Professor X designed a combat visor that allows Scott to adjust the beam.

Scott also has a keen sense of where objects are in relation to him. This is demonstrated by an uncanny ability to bank optic shots off of other surfaces into their intended target. This power also makes him a natural at piloting and in tactical situations.

Weaknesses: While team leader, Scott can be hurt as easily as any normal human. He lacks any type of mutation that will slow down damage caused to him or heal it. In fact, his visor limits his vision to something of that of a tunnel, and whoever works as his partner while out on missions has to keep that in mind while fighting with him.
Scott can also seem rather unapproachable by new members, though seasoned team members and friends know better.

Introvert/Extrovert: Both and neither. By nature Scott is very introverted, but he is also an effective leader.

Goals/Dreams: Even when other members have taken a leave of absence from the school and the team, Scott has always been the rock. His dream is nothing less than Xavier’s - equality and freedom.

Quirks/Habits: Because of the destructive force of his optic eye blasts, Scott is extremely fearful of injuring friends. If his glasses are knocked off, he will take any steps to protect others from himself - including placing the rest of his body in the way.

Likes: fast cars, the Blackbird, cooking, billiards, traveling, movies, video games, and tennis

Dislikes: people who blow up his Blackbird, smoking, Magneto, reality tv

First Impression: Boy Scout

Philosophy of Life: Anything is possible with teamwork.

Personal History
Scott’s history (long!) is at www.uncannyxmen.net .

Personal Relationships

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship experience: Scott has long had feelings for both Jean Grey and Warren Worthington - though he and Jean ended up together originally, he doesn’t love Warren any less than her. The trio’s relationship is rather complex to any outsider. He and Jean are on a break after some difficulties, and anything could happen now.

Particular friends/enemies: Jean Grey, Warren Worthington, Bobby Drake, Hank McCoy, Charles Xavier, and Ororo Munroe are among his closest friends. As team leader, however, he has a rapport with just about everyone in the mansion. Scott and Logan have a complicated relationship to say the least.

I guess I should also mention that this is an RPG profile.